Face Recognition Access Controller

Features & Specifications

Face Recognition Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal

  • Support unlock through face, card (ID/IC card), password, and their
    combinations; and support unlock in certain periods.
  • With face detection box; the largest face among faces that appear at
    the same time is recognized first; the maximum face size can be
    configured on the web.
  • Face recognition distance is 0.3 m–2 m, human
    height range is 1.1 m–2.4 m.
  • Face verification accuracy>99%; face comparison speed ≤0.5s per
    person; false recognition rate<0.1%.
  • Profile faces can be recognized; face recognition angle can be
    adjusted, the range is 0°–90°.
  • Supports 30, 000 users, 30, 000 cards, 30, 000 passwords, and 50
  • Support liveness detection.
  • Supports duress alarm, tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door contact
    timeout alarm, and illegal card exceeding time alarm.
  • Has six user levels: general users, patrol users, blacklist users, VIP
    users, guests, and disabled users.
  • Attendance records can be uploaded to the management platform.


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