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Features & Specifications

2MP HDCVI IR Bullet Camera

  • Max. 30fps@1080P
  • HD and SD output switchable
  • 3.6mm fixed lens (2.8mm, 6mm optional)
  • Max. IR length 20m, Smart IR
  • IP67, DC12V

Original price was: RM90.00.Current price is: RM79.30.

Series Overview
The Cooper Series offers simple and highly cost-effective HDCVI
solutions. It provides 24/7 reliable monitoring with high-quality image
performance, saving cost on both material and labor force. It is also
designed and built to the specific standards of Dahua.


Smart IR Illumination
With its IR illumination, the camera provides optimal performance
in low light conditions, ensuring uniformity in the brightness of B/W
images. Through its smart IR technology, the camera also compensates
for the distance of targets by adjusting the intensity of its IR LEDs,
preventing overexposure of images as targets move closer to the

4 Signals over 1 Coaxial Cable
HDCVI technology supports 4 signals (video, audio*, data and power)
which are simultaneously transmitted over a coaxial cable. Dual-way
data transmission allows the HDCVI camera to interact with the XVR to
perform various actions such as sending control signals and triggering
alarms. HDCVI technology also supports PoC, which makes the camera
easy and quick to install.
* Audio input is available for select HDCVI camera models.
Cooper Series | DH-HAC-B2A21

Long Distance Transmission
HDCVI technology provides long distance transmission in real time
without transmission loss. It supports transmission distances up to 700
m for 2-MP/5-MP/8-MP HD videos through coaxial cables, and up to 300
m through UTP cables. The results were obtained and verified through
rigorous testing in Dahua’s test laboratory.

HDCVI technology inherits the simplicity of traditional analog
surveillance systems, making it a great mechanism for protecting your
valuables. HDCVI can be upgraded from the traditional analog system
without replacing the existing coaxial cabling. Its plug and play design
enables it to produce high-definition videos during surveillance without
the hassle of configuring a network.

Protection (IP67, Wide Voltage)
IP67: The camera passed a series of rigorous dust and immersion tests.
Its enclosure is both dust-proof and waterproof, and can function
normally while being immersed in 1 m deep water for up to 30 minutes.
Wide voltage: The camera has ±30% input voltage tolerance (for some
power supplies) and a wide voltage range, making it suitable for a
variety of outdoor scenarios.


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