Features & Specifications

24/7 color imaging
· Active deterrence with siren
· Built-in PIR, 10 m/110° detecting range/angle
· Max. 20 fps@5MP
· 2.8 mm fixed lens (3.6 mm optional)
· 40 m illumination distance
· IP67, 12V±30% DC

Original price was: RM230.00.Current price is: RM198.90.

System Overview
This PIR model is an indoor/outdoor dual detection camera which uses
both video and infrared sensor to achieve accurate motion detection
functionality. It also supports active deterrence feature which warns off
intruders with siren even before users are aware of the incident. This
camera is an ideal choice for applications which require intrusion protect
and video verification, such as courtyards, offices, warehouses, stores.

4 Signals over 1 Coaxial Cable
HDCVI technology supports 4 signals to be transmitted over 1 coaxial
cable simultaneously, such as video, audio*, data and power. Dual-way
data transmission allows the HDCVI camera to interact with the HCVR,
such as sending control signal or triggering alarm. Moreover, HDCVI
technology supports PoC for construction flexibility.
* Audio input is available for some models of HDCVI cameras.

Long Distance Transmission
HDCVI technology guarantees real-time transmission at long distance
without any loss. It supports up to 700 m transmission for 5MP HD
video overcoaxial cable, and up to 300 m over UTP cable.*
*Actual results verified by real-scene testing in Dahua’s test laboratory.

HDCVI technology inherits the born feature of simplicity from traditional
analog surveillance system, making itself a best choice for investment
protection. HDCVI system can seamlessly upgrade the traditional analog
system without replacing existing coaxial cabling. The plug and play
approach enables full HD video surveillance without the hassle of configuring a network.

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