Features & Specifications

· Full-color starlight
· 120dB true WDR, 3DNR
· Max. 30fps@1080P
· HD/SD output switchable
· Audio in interface, built-in mic
· 3.6mm fixed lens
· IP67, DC12V±30%

Original price was: RM220.00.Current price is: RM201.50.

System Overview
Experience 1080P full HD video and the simplicity of reusing existing coaxial
infrastructure with HDCVI. The full-color starlight HDCVI camera with
120dB true WDR presents a high quality image with rich details even in lowlight conditions. It offers various fixed lens models with a multi-language
OSD and HD/SD switchable output. Its superior image performance and
full-color feature makes the camera an ideal choice for applications in the
exterior of houses or buildings with little external light sources nearby. It
should be noted that full-color cameras need ambient lighting to continue
to record full-color images.

Full-color Starlight
With the adoption of high performance sensor and large-sized aperture
lens, the camera is able to provide a more coloful image even under lowlight
environment. Full-color starlight cameras are prefect for applications of
low-light conditions which is over 1 lux, such as parking lots, urban streets,
schools, museums, etc.
*If the lighting condition is at total darkness, the video can not be used for monitoring.

Broadcast-quality Audio
Audio information is used as supplementary evidence in video surveillance
applications. The HDCVI camera supports audio signal transmission
over coaxial cable. In addition, it adopts unique audio processing and
transmission technology that best restores source audio and eliminates
noise, guaran-teeing the quality and effectiveness of collected audio

Large Aperture Lens
The camera adopts high-end F1.0 large aperture lens. With higher amount
of absorbed light, the camera presents an impressive lowlight performance.


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