Features & Specifications

Max 15 fps@4K.
· 120 dB true WDR, 3D NR.
· Smart Dual Light.
· Protection Against Red-Blue Light Interference (Only 4K).
· Active deterrence with red blue light, siren and alarm out interface.
· 40 m illumination distance.
· Super Adapt.
· Built-in mic.
· 3.6 mm fixed lens (2.8 mm optional).
· CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI switchable.
· IP67, 12 VDC.

Original price was: RM350.00.Current price is: RM325.00.

System Overview
The Active Deterrence Series offers a multi-dimensional system that
links surveillance videos to alarms, audio prompts and various types of
information to assist with verifying potential risks. Cameras in this series
actively warn off intruders with light and sound, while keeping you up to
date of events in real-time through alarm-over-coax and its live view.

Smart Dual Light
With its smart dual light mechanism, the camera automatically turns on
the white light when Perimeter Protection/SMD Plus function of AI XVR
detects a target in the rule area to capture clear, vivid images. When the
target leaves the rule area, the camera automatically switches over from
the white light to the IR light to significantly reduce light pollution.

Wide Dynamic Range
With its advanced Wide Dynamic Range technology (WDR), the camera
captures highly detailed images and produces high-definition recordings
in high-contrast lighting conditions, and in scenes with backlighting or

Broadcast-quality Audio
Audio signal transmission over coaxial cables is supported by the HDCVI
camera. It adopts a unique audio processing and transmission technology that restores source audio and eliminates noise, ensuring the quality
and reliability of the audio information that is collected. This becomes
important for video surveillance applications that use audio information
as a type of supplementary evidence.

Active Deterrence (Red-Blue Light)
Designed with active deterrence technology, the camera turns on a
siren and a red-blue light that flashes in intervals to deter and warn off
intruders. The siren has customizable settings.



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