Features & Specifications

· Max. 15 fps@4K.
· 120 dB true WDR, 3D NR.
· Smart IR Illumination.
· 60 m illumination distance.
· Super Adapt.
· Built-in MIC.
· Auto focus, 2.7 mm–13.5 mm motorized lens.
· CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI switchable.
· IP67, 12 VDC.

Original price was: RM380.00.Current price is: RM351.00.

System Overview

The Lite Series is a great choice for consumers looking for high quality
monitoring products at a reasonable price. Its low cost and high
performance make it ideal for residential areas and SMB solutions. This
series is equipped with a wide range of technologies, such as full-color
and starlight, providing various solutions for different scenarios.


Wide Dynamic Range
With its advanced Wide Dynamic Range technology (WDR), the camera
captures highly detailed images and produces high-definition recordings
in high-contrast lighting conditions, and in scenes with backlighting or

Advanced 3DNR
Dahua’s advanced 3DNR technology reduces image noise with little to
no impact on image sharpness, especially in poor lighting conditions.
It detects the noise, and compares the sequential frames to effectively
reduce the noise. It also makes efficient use of bandwidth, saving on
storage space.

Smart IR Illumination
With its IR illumination, the camera provides optimal performance in low
light conditions, ensuring uniformity in the brightness of B/W images.
Through its smart IR technology, the camera also compensates for the
distance of targets by adjusting the intensity of its IR LEDs, preventing
overexposure of images as targets move closer to the camera.

Super Adapt
With its intelligent algorithm, the camera automatically adjusts its
parameters to provide optimal performance and vivid images

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