Features & Specifications

· 4-MP 1/2.9″ CMOS image sensor, low luminance, and high definition
· Outputs max. 4 MP (2688 × 1520)@20 fps, and supports 2560 × 1440
@25/30 fps
· H.265 codec, high compression rate, ultra-low bit rate.
· Built-in warm light/IR LED, the max. illumination distance is 30 m and
the max. warm light distance is 30 m.
· ROI, SMART H.264+/H.265+, flexible coding, applicable to various
bandwidth and storage environments.
· Rotation mode, WDR, 3D NR, HLC, BLC, digital watermarking, applicable
to various monitoring scenes.
· Intelligent monitoring: Intrusion, tripwire (the two functions support the
classification and accurate detection of vehicle and human).
· Supports max. 256 G Micro SD card; built in MIC.
· 12 VDC/PoE power supply, easy for installation.
· IP67 protection.
· SMD Plus

Original price was: RM500.00.Current price is: RM468.00.

Series Overview
With advanced deep learning algorithm, Dahua WizSense 2 Series
network camera supports intelligent functions, such as perimeter
protection and smart motion detection. With starlight technology, this
series camera provides a better image effect in the condition of low


Smart Dual Light
Dahua Smart Dual Light technology adopts smart algorithm to detect
targets. Usually, the IR illuminator is on at night; when the target
appears in the monitoring area, the white light is on, and the camera
records the full-color video and information of key events. That is, the
camera links snapshot and video with full-color image. When the target
is out of the monitoring area, the white light is off and the IR illuminator
is on, which reduces light pollution efficiently.

SMD Plus
With intelligent algorithm, Dahua Smart Motion Detection technology
can categorize the targets that trigger motion detection and filter the
motion detection alarm triggered by non-concerned targets to realize
effective and accurate alarm.

Perimeter Protection
With deep learning algorithm, Dahua Perimeter Protection technology
can recognize human and vehicle accurately. In restricted area (such
as pedestrian area and vehicle area), the false alarms of intelligent
detection based on target type (such as tripwire, intrusion) are largely

Smart H.265+ & Smart H.264+
With advanced scene-adaptive rate control algorithm, Dahua smart
encoding technology realizes the higher encoding efficiency than H.265
and H.264, provides high-quality video, and reduces the cost of storage
and transmission.

With high-performance sensor and large aperture lens, Dahua Full-color
technology can display clear colorful image in the environment of
ultra-low illuminance. With this photosensitivity technology, the camera
can capture more available light, and display more colorful image

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