Features & Specifications

· Max 25 fps@5MP (16:9 video output)
· 120 dB true WDR, 3D NR
· 24/7 color imaging
· 20 m illumination distance
· CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI switchable
· Built-in mic (-A)
· 3.6 mm fixed lens (2.8 mm optional)
· IP67, 12 V DC

Original price was: RM230.00.Current price is: RM215.80.

System Overview
Lite Series is suitable for users who requires high quality monitoring
products at a reasonable price. It is cost effective and offers high performance, which makes it an ideal choice for residential and small-medium
business applications. This series offers an option of a wide range of
technologies such as Full-color and Starlight, providing various solutions
for different scenarios.

Full-color camera adopts large aperture lens and high performance
sensor. With higher amount of absorbed light and advanced image
processing algorithm, the camera provides 24/7 color monitoring that
collects clear and vivid information,significantly increasing probability of
gathering valid human, vehicle, and event evidence that can be used for
further intelligent analysis.

Broadcast-quality Audio
Audio information is used as supplementary evidence in video surveillance applications. The HDCVI camera supports audio signal transmission over coaxial cable. In addition, it adopts unique audio processing
and transmission technology that best restores source audio and
eliminates noise, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of collected
audio information.
*This function is available for select models.

Wide Dynamic Range
With advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, Dahua HDCVI
camera provides clear details in the environment of strong brightness
contrast. The bright and dark area can get clear video even in high
brightness environment or with backlight shadow.

Super Adapt
Embedded with intelligent algorithm, for changing external environment, camera can automatically adjust parameters to present the
optimal image, and it solves the trouble of configuration.

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